Spin Bike Leader Board Name Custom Decal #LB Name | Bike Decal | Water Bottle Decal

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Riders are a breed of their own!!! We love to show off what we have accomplished and we love to share our unique Leader Board name with the community of fellow riders we have found. These custom leader board name vinyl decals are the perfect way to accessorize your bike, water bottle or anything else you can think of. 

Decal is 1" high and is made of Vinyl (Oracle 651) designed for indoor our outdoor use with a lifespan of 4-5 years if used outdoors. Length of the decal will vary due to leader board names but will be designed to fit on the bike in the area shown. 

Lettering can be black or white and the # will be red. You can get this in one decal or in a pair. Pairs can have 2 different leader board names. 

Please note that decals longer than 8" will be folded to fit in the envelope. The fold will be in between letters. The decal vinyl will not be folded. The fold will not affect the application of the decal.

- Allow 1-3 day for production
- Allow 3-5 days for shipping (usually 2-3 day priority mail but allow a few days longer for USPS processing times)

- Would you like to customize these blocks? Just let us know!
- Send us a note or request a custom order

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