Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation is a great way to print an image directly to the fibers of a shirt.  Once completed, you will not be able to feel the image at all.  The ink is dyed into the fibers and the image will have the same feeling as the shirt.  

Images on sublimation transfers will appear “faded” until they are pressed.
You MUST use a heat press on sublimation transfers. An iron will not be sufficient for the image to transfer. Heat press at 385 degrees for 45 seconds.  

Sublimation transfers MUST be used on at least a 50% polyester count garment that is white or light colored. The closer to 100% you get, the better the image will show (brighter colors), and the closer to 50% there will be a “vintage” look to the item and risk fading a bit in the wash.