Fall Thanksgiving Pumpkin Wood Blocks Sign | Mantle Decorations |Gather Together Give Thanks Eat Pie

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These blocks will look great on the mantle for Fall or Thanksgiving! 

This is a set of blocks that sit together to make a pumpkin shape. The blocks are not glued together. They can be moved. 
This set includes 4 blocks total - 3 base blocks and 1 top stem block. Overall size is approx. 8" wide, 6.5" tall, 1.5" thick. The top stem block will have raffia ribbon wrapped around it. 

These are made by hand - cut, sanded, painted, and sealed. Blocks are scuffed for a rustic look to match the feel of these blocks.  Lettering is vinyl and sealed into the blocks.  Made of solid oak blocks.

- Allow 5-7 day for production
- Allow 3-5 days for shipping (usually 2-3 day priority mail but allow a few days longer for USPS processing times)