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Ordering a new shirt online can be fun and exciting.  It can also be frustrating when you cannot figure out what size to order.  Can't decide between a small and a medium? What's your size?

A perfect fit will mean different things to different people, but measuring a shirt is fairly simple to do and we will show you how.


First start with a shirt you currently own and love the fit of.  We will use that shirt as our guide.  Take that shirt and lay it out flat.  Try to remove as many wrinkles as you can.

how to measure a shirt

Take a measuring tape and measure from side seam to side seam, just below the arm sleeves.

how to measure the width of a shirt

Write down that number. This is your CHEST WIDTH.

Measure the width of a shirt

Next measure the length of the shirt.  Start at the top shoulder seam right off the collar of the shirt.  Measure down to the bottom hem of the shirt.

how to measure the length of a shirt

Write this number down.  This is your BODY LENGTH.

how to measure a shirt

Take these two numbers and match them to the width and length in the size chart.

match your shirt measurements to the size chart

So what if your measurements fall between two shirt sizes?  Here is the rule of thumb.  If you prefer a snug more fitted style then size down.  If you prefer a looser more relaxed fit then size up.

find the perfect shirt size

Keep an eye on the description of the shirt you are looking to purchase.  Look to see if the shirt is a fitted shirt to shart with or is it a relaxed shirt.  This will reflect in the size chart measurements as well.

And there you go!  This will give you the perfect fit for you new shirt.  

find the perfect tshirt size

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How to find the right shirt size every time