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Do you have a gorgeous sweeping landscape of empty wall? Of, perhaps you have a little nook that is absolutely craving the right balance of function and frills. Regardless of the size of your home’s canvas, we have the right solution to anchor and/or complete your gallery wall. In this month’s edition of the blog, we are going to cover how we can assist with both. 


For this type of gallery wall, we are going to help you with the perfect anchor piece, or, focal point. A few points to consider when choosing the right anchor:
  • Scale- consider the size of your wall compared to the size of the piece. It is important to make sure the piece is large enough to truly be the focal piece but not too large that it is the only thing that can fit on the wall 
  • Spacing- how many complimentary pieces do you want on the wall? Only want 2 or 3? Want to do a whole bunch of items? There is no wrong choice here, but the key is to actually make a choice and have a plan. So, that means you need to consider that spacing. 
  • Type - What is the vibe of the wall you are looking to capture? Rustic? Eclectic? Sleek? Are you wanting to do a mixture of photos and wall art? All 2D or mix in a few 3D pieces? Again, thinking through your final plan will help guide you in how to start and anchor the gallery wall.
  • Colors - Feeling monochromatic or wanting a full color wall? Are you painting the background or keeping that beloved agreeable grey? 
Here are a few of our favorite anchor pieces to help get your brain reeling:


This gallery wall does not have a single focal point, instead, the considerations above are applied across the entire wall. 
At the end of the day, gallery walls are supposed to be fun and help showcase your personality, family, and travels. They also do not need to be permanent, so take some risks and your masterpiece never has to be totally “finished”!