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The 10 Best Disney Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Disney Fanatics ready to reveal your pregnant? Our Disney Pregnancy announcement shirts provide a fun and creative way to share the news with family and friends while in the parks.  There is nothing as exciting as figuring out a fresh way to let them know there's a bun in the oven.  These unique maternity announcement t-shirts ensure that mom to be gives everyone a good laugh even as you spill the pregnancy beans.

Our Disney Pregnancy shirts are themed for you to pick and choose which one is best for your favorite Disney character!  Which one is your favorite?  Which one will be on that pregnancy announcement?  You cannot go wrong here.

1. Beauty And The Beast

There's something there that wasn't there before.  How adorable is chip in this pregnancy shirt?  If you are a Belle fan, this is the shirt for you. 

Available HERE

2. Mary Poppins

Disney Pregnancy Shirt

Mary Poppins pregnancy shirt.  There is no denying your belly will be poppin' soon.  The perfect shirt for a picture with Bert and Mary Poppins.

Available HERE

3. Moana

disney pregnancy shirt

There's just no telling how far I'll grow.  Adorable Moana theme shirt for that growing baby belly.   

Available HERE

4. Star Wars

disney pregnancy shirt

Future Rebel Princess.  This vintage style shirt is perfect for pictures at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.   

Available HERE

5. Disney Snacks

Snacking for Two Pregnancy Shirt

Snacking For Two.  Dole whip, caramel apple, mickey ears icecream - get them all and blame it on the baby!  You are snacking for two after all!

Available HERE

6. Disney Snacks Twins

snacking for three pregnancy shirt

Pregnant with twins?  Twice as many snacks when you are snacking for three!

Available HERE

7. Disney Princess

future disney princess

Take your picture with the Disney princesses in our Future Disney Princess shirt.  Which princess is your favorite? 

Available HERE

8. Harry Potter

expecting patronum pregnancy shirt

Harry Potter fans we have your pregnancy shirt.  Head to Diagon Ally and announce your pregnancy!  Sure to be a favorite! 

Available HERE

9. Mickey Mouse

adding a mouse to the house

Adding A Mouse To The House!  Mickey and Minnie will surely love welcoming the newest Disney fan to the family.

Available HERE

10. Star Wars

padawan in the making

Padawan In The Making!  Head down to Star Wars Galaxy's Edge for this picture!  

Available HERE

A fun way to announce your pregnancy in the happiest place on earth!  You can't go wrong at Disney!

best disney pregnancy shirts