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Best Peloton Accessories

You are the proud new owner of a Peloton!  Congratulations!  You have taken the first steps to a healthy and fit future and invested in your health.  Now that you have this amazing bike you have probably joined a Facebook group or other community and started adding to your following.  You have also probably learned about leader board names as well. The unique leader board names are one of the fun perks of this community.  Adding followers and seeing other leader board names always makes my day.  I love looking at them and the creativity of so many are hilarious to say the least. 

So now that you have your Peloton and your leader board name, let's get you the 6 best Peloton accessories to go with it!

This list is outside of the normal, padded shorts, heart rate monitor, shoes, mat, etc.  This list is the fun, must have accessories for your Peloton and to show off that leader board name.

1. PR Display Board

Peloton PR Output Display Board

What better way to show off those PR outputs than by this custom PR Display board.  These can be done as a single rider or as a couples.  Each one is custom made with your leader board name, ride lengths, and favorite Peloton coach quotes.  

Available HERE

2. Leader Board Headband

peloton leader board name headband sweatband

These headbands are soft and lightweight but work great for collecting all that sweat!  Trust me you will be sweating buckets!  Over 20 colors to choose from and personalized with your leader board name.

Available HERE

3. Leader Board Name Decal

peloton bike leader board name decal

Add your leader board name to your Peloton bike.  This is a vinyl decal sticker that is custom made with your LB name.  Can be purchased in a single decal or in pairs.

Available HERE

4. Boocrew Workout Tank Top

boocrew riding tank

We all have our favorite Peloton Coach we religiously ride with.  Who is your favorite?  These tanks are custom made with your leaderboard name so you can ride with pride!

Available HERE

5. Riding Shirts

peloton shirts

Tanks, Tees, or Muscle Tanks - There is a wide variety of shirts to choose from.  These tanks are great to ride in or wear every day.  

Available HERE

6. Milestone Decals

peloton milestone decals

100 rides and you are in the century club!!  Now get your shirt and get your milestone sign to add to your wall.  These signs are custom made with your milestone date.  You can also get them in any ride number, 200 rides, 500 rides, 1000 rides.  You pick!

Available HERE

Add these 6 must have Peloton accessories to your collection today!  Looking for more?  Check out the entire collection HERE

6 Best Peloton Accessories You Must Have