Drama Teacher Gift - All About The Drama

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These blocks are a wonderful, unique gift for your child's drama teacher. Your teacher will surely enjoy remembering your child each year they look a these awesome blocks.

These are solid wood blocks that look wonderful on a shelf in their room or on your teachers desk. We will tailor the block colors to match their school colors. Great teacher gift for teacher appreciation week, teacher Christmas gifts, or even teacher year end gifts.

- Solid wood
- Large size
- Rounded edges and corners
- Handmade, stained, and sealed

- Professional matte vinyl
- No glare
- Sealed to last
- All lettering is in white unless noted to seller

- One base block - displays name
- One picture block - displays one image in a single color
- Stacked set of 3 blocks - displays a short saying - All About The Drama

- Choose two colors to alternate for the stacked block and name block
NOTE: Color one will the the top and 3rd block. Color two will the be the 2nd and bottom block.
- Picture block will be white with a matching color for the image

- Allow 7-10 day for production
- Allow 3-5 days for shipping (usually 2-3 day priority mail but allow a few days longer for USPS processing times)

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